Recent PhD's


Degree in Human Evolutionary Biology:

Rachel N. Carmody, Ph.D. (November 2012)

"Energetic consequences of thermal and non-thermal food processing"

Neil T. Roach, Ph.D. (November 2012)

"The bomechanics and evolution of high-speed throwing"

Alexander Georgiev, Ph.D. (May 2012)

Energetic costs of reproductive effort in male chimpanzees.

Victoria Wobber, Ph.D. (May 2012)

Comparative Cognitive Development and Endocrinology in Pan and Homo.

Meredith Reiches, Ph.D. (March 2012)

Female Adolescent Energy Expenditure in the Gambia.

Qu Zhang, Ph.D. (November 2011)

Understanding Genome Evolution by Comparative Genomics.

Degree in Biological Anthropology:

Brian Wood, Ph.D. (November 2010) Email

Household and Kin Provisioning by Hadza Males.

Zarin Machanda, Ph.D. (November 2009) Email

The evolution of male-female relationships in primates with a specific focus on chimpanzees living in western Uganda. Male-female association patterns, friendships between males and females, inter-sexual feeding competition, coalitions, and mutual grooming in chimpanzees.

Coren L. Apicella, Ph.D. (November 2009) Email

The Evolutionary Psychology of Physical Attractiveness in Hadza Foragers: Explorations of the Face,
Body and Voice.

Karola O. Kirsanow , Ph.D. (June 2009) Email

joint degree in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology Animal Physiology, Biomineral Diagenesis, and the Isotopic Reconstruction of Palaeoenvironments.

Susanne M. Cote , Ph.D. (November 2008) Email

Sampling and ecology in three Early Miocene catarrhine assemblages from East Africa.

Margaret (Meg) C. Crofoot, Ph.D. (June 2008) Email

Intergroup competition in white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus).

Amanda S. Lobell, Ph.D. (November 2008) Email

The Evolution of Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 and the Invasive Primate Placenta.

Campbell P. Rolian, Ph.D. (November 2008) Email

Morphological Integration and the Evolution of Human hands and Feet.

Maureen J. Devlin, Ph.D. (November 2007) Email

Interactions of estrogen, strain and bone growth: Implications for human skeletal robusticity.

Katarina Mucha Sussner, Ph.D. (June 2007) Email

The Influence of Maternal Acculturation on Early Childhood Feeding, Nutritional Status and the Development of Obesity: A Study of Latino Immigrant Mothers and Children.

Emily S. Barrett, Ph.D. (November 2006) Email

Determinants of Reproductive Function in Norwegian Women.

Randall V. Collura, Ph.D. (June 2006) Email

Molecular Evolution of Genes Related to Primate Encephalization and Energetics.

Sonya M. Kahlenberg, Ph.D. (June 2006) Email

Female-Female Competition and Male Sexual Coercion in Kanyawara Chimpanzees.

Herman D. Pontzer, Ph.D. (March 2006) Email

Locomotor Energetics, Ranging Ecology, and the Emergence of the Genus Homo.

Matthew H. McIntyre, Ph.D. (June 2005) Email

The Validity of Digit Ratios in Approximating Perinatal Masculinization and Applications to the Study of Human Sexuality.

Melissa Emery Thompson, Ph.D. (March 2005) Email

Endocrinology and Ecology of Wild Female Chimpanzee Reproduction.

Judith Flynn Chapman, Ph.D. (June 2004) Email

Determinants of Ovarian Function in Young Women.

Carole K. Hooven, Ph.D. (November 2004) Email

Sex Differences in Mental Rotation: Shifting The Image of Male Superiority in Spatial Ability.

Andrew Marshall, Ph.D. (June 2004) Email

Population ecology of gibbons and leaf monkeys across a gradient of Bornean forest types.

Brian Hare, Ph.D. (March 2004) Email

Using Comparative Studies of Primate and Canid Social Cognition to Model our Miocene Minds.

Peter Gray, Ph.D. (November 2003) Email

Human Male Reproductive Strategies: Cross-Cultural and Endocrine Aspects.